Thursday, November 3, 2011

Is Google doing enough for entering in Social Circle

Wow: Google is doing everything to keep up with the social and mobile trend. And CEO Larry Page is leading the pack. They have done few new things recently:-

-> Introduced new service, Google +

-> New all social Plus One button (which is already effecting Google search results).

-> Revamped all the existing services to a new look and feel

-> Bought Motorola

Off-course these are much better initiative than previous Buzz and Wave. And these can look good to a techie and one really thinks Google is doing great to ensure its success in Social media and mobile space. But I would like to point some holes or say overlooked things that Google should seriously consider doing. First Google assumes there are only Smartphone and Hard-Core Technology enthusiasts that use a social service. But this is not the case. It is a community but there are millions and millions of people who don't have a smartphone and thus are unable to connect through Google Plus service. Though one can argue that Google+ has a Mobile and Basic Mobile interface, but tell me anyone is it really that much useful.

First, a feature phone cannot open Plus Mobile Interface and even doesn't have unique path for basic mobile interface. Secondly a smartphone user in most of the developing countries don't have enough speed and bandwidth t open a Functional Mobile interface. Also, the USP of Google+, the Circles, are not fully functional in these interfaces. In this argument Facebook is doing much better. From its mobile site you can do much more interactive stuff and have a better control over settings and privacy controls. It also launched Facebook For Every Phone this summer, which I think is very good initiative. A social network is not only made by some Hard-Core techies who frequently share their geeky stuff; it need people from all communities.
So my question is what is Google doing for these people???

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