Saturday, December 3, 2011

What Blogging means to me?

Unless your blog is your product — and in this case you’re clearly in the media business, and not using your blog as a communication tool — it is not to be looked at as a service or product people are going to use everyday and flock to. Instead, it’s a collection of valuable, long-lasting, well-indexed information. It’s the expression of something. It colours who you are. - Stephanie Booth

Yeah I'm new to blogosphere. I started blogging in 2010. But after two or three post, I just give up. But now I know what I'm doing, why I'm here and what I need to write about. As my blog sub-title says -- rants about engineering, coding and education. I'm on it. Whatever I think is share-able and informative, I write it.

About the quote you read in the beginning, yes, my blog is my way of expression and it still can be a collection of valuable, long lasting, well-indexed(may this is not) information. I write about my journey, my journey as an engineering student in a private university of India and about my passion for coding and programming.  I don't write everyday. I just write whenever I get time and thought about something. Mostly its during weekends. Whenever I get an information that I think can be shared with someone else, then I just keep a short note on that and write in 5-6 sentences about the theme. I don't write so that some entrepreneur or some manager read it. I write it for my friends, students who are in the same boat, people who wanna become entrepreneur but not with a MBA. I like people who are curious to know about things, who wants to know why is this working and how it is working. Because I am of the same type.
So coming to the Topic - "What blogging means to me?", it is sharing my rants and at the same time making some random money( if I can).

About the journey till now

Initially I was excited that some of my posts got thousand plus page-views in just one day. So I got greedy and started searching for topics, articles and stories, whatever I could. I even copied a post from a Developer whom I respect so much. When he complained, I just didn't answer. But later realized my mistake and said sorry to him.
I also some emails from readers who introduced themselves and wanted to collaborate and share their views.  Almost all have become my friends. We chat about things, and share our experience. One of them even offered work for me. Its so much fun now. Though my English is not so good but still I can get my views clear in front of reader. I'm enjoying and riding it. Thanks you all who have read my previous posts and emailed me. Keep sharing.

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