Monday, December 19, 2011

Google+ should and will succeed as Information discovery Platform

For the last 6 months Google engineers are busy with their new social network and making it more easier and functional for its users. Several articles have been written about it and many people have predicted that it won't live and it will just be another network with no activity. Well I am using it since its launch and I'm very much impressed at the work they are doing to bring more and users in. Mostly people says that Facebook with its 800 million members has already become our social identity. Well for the fact India( I'm from India) has around 120 million internet users(of its 1.2 billion population) and around 30 million are using Facebook. So only 2.5 percent Indians are on Facebook. Why people commenting on state on Google+ not consider this.

Moreover in the last 6 months Google+ has come up so strongly that everyone has to praise Larry Page and whole of Google staff for their determination. Frankly speaking I have never seen a project so large and changes so quickly, adding new features almost everyday. I can give you many reasons to why Google+ will thrive and establish itself as a major social site:
  • Google has millions of users for its variety of services. And Google is already integrating them to the Plus. This will increase usability with users and give them an integrated platform.
  • They are iterating it so fast that it is fast spreading in its feature set. 
  • Hangouts and hangouts on air are becoming popular with users.
  •  +1 button is already on millions of sites and is starting to influence Google results.
In all these 6 months Google+ has emerged as an information discovery platform. For me, Facebook is for friends and family, Twitter for news and Google+ for discovering new friends and topics of my interest.

If you have had in past used Google+ and thought their is not many people, then give it one more try and you'll see how people are interacting with others.