Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tools you can use while reading on Web

Since last I am doing very heavy reading on articles on various topics like social media, new web apps, mobile ecosystem, startups and many more. I found most of them from Hacker News, Reddit, Twitter and Google+. I also my favourite blog by Google Reader and read almost 50 articles. But very often I come to a blog to read a new article and my eyes strains from the color schemes used by many blogs. They look good but for reading purposes most of them sucks. My eye glasses number also increased during this. While I found Google Reader and RSS to be a gift for those like me, but still there was a problem with how would I read an article on a site which I just come across.
Then I found out there is a Chrome extension called iReader( here is add-on for mozilla) which lets you read any article in a simple manner. Open any article and click on the extension. You also have built in sharing features. What else I want.
Now I can read any article without having to strain my eyes. I must thanks the developer who built that just like I thanks creators of RSS.